The teeth on a new band saw blade are razor sharp, however in order to withstand the cutting pressures used in band sawing the tips of each tooth should be honed, producing an extremely fine radius on the tip of the cutting tooth.


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Cook's Saw offers a variety of bandsaw blades types to choose from for almost every brand sawmill or resaw. If you don't see your sawmill listed just give us a call 1-800-473-4804 or email us at [email protected]


These band saws will cut faster and last longer than any other band saw blade in a wide variety of sawing applications. LENOX ARMOR ® CT BLACK CARBIDE BAND SAW BLADES For Extreme Cutting Rates LENOX MAX CT ™ CARBIDE BAND SAW BLADES Maximum Cutting Performance on Aerospace Alloys

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Jan 01, 2009· If you have saw blades, it is not safe to say you have L6, if you have saw blades it is only safe to say that you have saw blade steel, many large band saw use alloys closer to 15n20 and these days it is much more cost effective to use a much lesser alloys in the body of the blade and special inserts for the teeth.

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Using the perfect sawmill blade is key to increasing production, improving cut quality, and reducing costs for your sawmilling or resawing operation. From green softwoods to abrasive hardwoods, Wood-Mizer manufactures an extensive range of sawmill bandsaw blades with more than 100 combinations based ...

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Sep 06, 2015· Saw blade knife with padauk handle. I made this knife from a circular saw blade. There is an internet myth that claims circular saw blades are made from low carbon or mild steel, or just junk steel, nothing could be further from the truth.

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Most thinner blades are reground from 8670 or 15N20, thicker blades from 80Crv2 ( all similar to L6 tool steel). Most industrial saw steel steel is recycled from the wood mills of North Idaho, originally imported from Sweden and Germany. Forged blades are from 01, L2, 8670, 5160 tool or spring steels or a combination thereof for Damascus.

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Band Saw Blades Direct provides custom welded Lenox Band Saw Blades of all sizes. We can design a customized band saw blade to suit your needs.

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May 06, 2010· I have heard that the old drag saw blades were mostly L6 and supposedly the guy had one spectragraphed at L6, but dont hold me to that. I have seen specs on some 52" saw blades that were 1080 plus about %2.5 nickle..

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Timber Wolf Carbide Tip Band Saw Blades. Timber Wolf Computer Access Floor Blades. Timber Wolf Urethane V-Belts For Band Mills

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Jan 09, 2014· It would be about the same as a bainite blade without all the trouble.You can sharpen it to a fair edge, but it won't last long in use. 6 actually has a wider array of uses than saw blades. A203E, and Admirals 8670M also have nickel but they are hardly interchangeble with L6 or 15n20.

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Band Saw Blades include: All-Pro and MVP, Bi-Metal, Hard Edge, Flex Back, Hard Back, Thin Kerf, and Wood Band. Olson makes blades to fit vertical/stationary 2-wheel band saws, bench top band saws, horizontal/ vertical metal cutting band saws and portable band saws.

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Feb 06, 2011· L-6 is the band or circular saw blade steel used in most lumber mills and downright hard to find in any other form. Hardens in oil to about RC 57 and takes a fine edge for most cutting, particularly where the edge might be steeled back into shape.

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56" Sawmill saw blade. This is an old blades that may or may not be able to be used again. I am selling it as for parts or scrap, or to be used for knife making or for painting and decoration purposes...

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Nov 07, 2017· L6 (sawblades), L7 ( large sawmill blades) and tool steel type O-1 are probably the easiest for beginners. Once it gets hot enough for the magnet not to stick, hold the temp for a minute to make sure it will be an even heat treat.


EXPERTS The DoALL brand is known for bandsawing from day one. DoALL invented the first metal cutting band saw and since


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Nov 11, 2011· Are you talking SAWMILL type bandsaw blades or metal cutting bandsaw blades. The sawmill bandsaw blades available to us here in the Northwest are wonderful stock for knives. OOPS-Sorry. I just re-read your post and you did specify metal cutting blades.

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This dado set has two full blades, 1/8" each, and an assortment of interior blades so that you can adjust the set to any width. The interior plates are actually full plates- which does make the stack heavier, but I found I trusted it far more on my table saw than the Freud set I have that are just 'arms' that stick out.

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Band Saws Blades. We weld quality band saw blades for our band saws and for other band saw manufacturers. Our General Purpose Blade is an excellent blade when cutting a variety of materials.

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The bandsaw speed and feed wizard uses standard industry calculations to not only estimate cutting times for different metals and alloys, but also to provide you with recommendations for band saw blade tooth pitch for your application.

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SHARPEN YOUR BLADES. Use Wood-Mizer's resharp® blade sharpening service or your own blade maintenance equipment to ensure your bandsaw blades maintain maximum precision and performance. 2. PAY ATTENTION To DETAIL. When installing a New sawmill blade, make a few cuts at a moderate speed To "break in" the blade.

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Find great deals on eBay for sawmill blades. Shop with confidence. Skip to main content. eBay: ... bandsaw sawmill blades circular sawmill blades band sawmill blades. Include description. Categories. ... Saw Mill Blade Large 15.5" 36 Tooth NO Center Hole - For Display or Painting . $44.96.

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The Blade. Shark Knives are hand crafted knives made from recycled L6 steel (saw steel) recovered from the sawmills (and back sheds) of the Far North of New Zealand.

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Read woodworker's blade reviews posted in our Bandsaw Blade Review section. Precision bandsaw performance is important in woodworking so get the right equipment and a Complete Guide To The Band Saw for great bandsawing results. Bandsaw Blades & Accessories for sale by category, or through individual blades below.

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We weld each blade to your custom band saw size for the best prices you can find. Free shipping on $75 or more every day. Easy to order High quality blades at great prices.

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SuperCut Bandsaw Co., Inc. SuperCut Bandsaw Co., Inc. manufactures fine quality Bandsaw Blades for wood, metal, and meat cutting. We also manufacture Specialty Resaw Blades, Scroll Saw Blades, and Bandsaw Accessories. Please see the products page for a full list of all of our products.